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Returning College Students' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Returning College Students

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Hello! [07 Dec 2008|01:40pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I am Lily; I'm probably a lil older than most of you - I'm 33. And I just joined Live Journal today so I'm still trying to figure out where I'm at and what I'm doing, but so far, so good!

I decided in June to turn my life upside down and return to school - just completed my first semester of college in Jacksonville, FL. Aside of the financial difficulties, I can't say I regret it one bit. Hopefully I'm setting a good example for my 10 yr old son, but I couldn't be doing any of it without the help of my awesome father; he deserves a lot of credit for helping to cover the gaps for my son and I.

This isn't my first round of career education, but I'm hoping it's the one that sticks. I've previously studied cosmetology as well as computer networking/repair, and I'm currently doing what I've always wanted to do (that everyone always said would never go anywhere), interior design. I'm hoping that by doing things my way this time, it all works out. Doing what you're told isn't always the right thing - despite what your mother says...

And because I know how difficult it is to pay for everything, I've been researching scholarship/grant opportunities & I'd be happy to share with anyone that needs it. Right now I'm in the mix for two scholarship awards from brickfish.com & it would mean everything to me if any of you could spare the time to vote occasionally :-)

All contests are voter-driven; meaning results are determined by votes from visitors to the site.You don't have to register to vote unless you'd like to enter one of the contests, and if you don't enjoy writing essays for scholarship entries and have a little creativity, you will LOVE brickfish.com

So, if you have a moment to spare, please click each of the links below to share a vote or two for me & definitely let me know if you enter any yourself because I'd love to return the favor!!

This contest is for favorite hats & ends on 12/11


This contest is for "college must haves" & ends on 12/10


There are many new contests that don't end until Jan/Feb so definitely check them out - every little bit will help! As little as $100 for a runner-up entry could buy a book or two!


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[05 Jul 2006|10:01pm]

Hello everyone. I graduated with an associates in journalism in 2002 and have spent time off working. I have decided I want to go the animal route and have been looking into schools. I also want to be closer to my boyfriend, so I'm thinking about a school that is near him. The school offers an associates in vet technology, and also a certificate in animal science. I just don't know if I should go for the vet tech associates degree, or the animal science certificate. The certificate is only a year, and has a couple business courses and then the rest are animal courses, whereas obviously the vet tech degree is two years and is full of animal science courses, plus other requirements. I'm just not sure how much I'll like all the animal bio courses, so I don't know if its safer to take the certificate route, and if I do like it, see if I can just transfer the credits into a degree, or if I should just try the degree first. Suggestions?
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[09 Dec 2005|06:00pm]

Hi guys, just joined. I'm a Maryland native, 23, will be 24 in March. :) Here's my story.

Graduated high school in 2000, took a year off then enrolled in a trade school that was just... horrible. Then transferred to Hood College as a communications major and graduated this past May.

Now I want to go back to school for the thing I wanted to major in at the start, but couldn't at Hood: animation. But the schools I'm considering are all small and all private, so of course, they're expensive. :Þ I found this community while looking for scholarship and grant resources, and they're hard to come by, especially if you're not in high school (someone referred me to grants.gov too dollbunny and it didn't help at all!).

Here's my question. Are there any resources out there for prospective college students who aren't in high school? Ugh, this whole search makes me wish I'd figured this stuff out when I was 17... lol.
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[06 Nov 2005|06:58pm]

Hello, my name is Stormi. I'm 22 and starting college finally. I did a small stint in
community college, taking a few classes and paying for them myself. I was accepted into
Le Cordon Bleu's Western Culinary Institute here in Portland, Or and I'm trying to figure
out how in the world to pay. They've got me set up for huge loans, HUGE close to 41,000 bucks.
I've never even seen that much money so I'm quite a bit overwhelmed. I will be in school so
much and studying so much that I won't be able to work alot. It was recommended that I look
into grants to help pay so that my loans will be paid off while in school or at least reduced.
And that I could also get help with paying for housing or food. I looked at http://www.grants.gov/
but I was very confused and there didn't seem to be any grants for one person, they all were for
large organizations. I can't get help from parents or family. I had to have a dependency overide filed
because I have no way of contacting my mom or even an idea as to where she is. I've already applied
for the pell grant through my school but I still need help.

Would any of you have any tips for grant finding or what I should look into?

Thank you :)
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Join commcolleges! [25 Jun 2005|09:26pm]

I'm trying to unite community college students across the country in one community so we can share advice, give support, and talk about community colleges in general. Please join commcolleges if you'd like!

(My apologies if this is not permitted. Since it's so related to the community's topic, I figured it would be fine.)
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[07 Mar 2005|06:11pm]

Greetings and Salutations!

I'm Tanice from Saskatchewan. I will be 23 in 1.5 months, and am planning on attending university this coming fall.

Here's my story:
Grad 2000
attended private art College in Ohio in 2000/2001
applied and went to university back here for about 2 weeks in fall 2001 before figuring out that it wasn't what I wanted to do and dropped out, rather than waste my time and money
worked up until I was involved in a nasty collision on the highway March 28/04. Yep, I broke my neck AND back, lost about 65% of my blood volume, and had a severe traumatic brain injury.
I want to go to school to become a physiatrist so I can help people (some like myself) recover.

I just got word that, as if I don't have enough to deal with, I don't qualify to apply for competitive entrance awards because I had that one year of Art College (have 21 transfer credits b/c my Mom made me see what could be transferred when I had the 2 week debaucle). I also don't qualify for another type of scholarship they offer because I didn't go to the UofS for the credits that I *do* have.

I'm Canadian, so I'm doubting that anyone will have any info for me on how I can go about trying to get money for this... but I had to try. (note: I'm not worried about funding Med School yet, as I'm really hoping that the settlement from my accident comes through in time to pay for that, just help pay for my undergrad years *at least the first one*)
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[04 Jan 2005|08:06pm]

Hey everyone. I think this is a great idea for a community. I attended Morrisville State here in NY from 2000 to 2002 and graduated with an associates in journalism. I took time off to save money to transfer to another school, but I ended up staying home and am currently working, trying to save money to go back. My interests have changed though and I am looking into animal care or animal management majors. So in a way I'm glad I took the break from school so I could realize what I really wanna do. Right now I'm looking into JCC in Watertown, NY or Becker College in MA.
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[13 Nov 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Hey there, I am new here. Let me explain my situation...

I went to college for a year (1999-2000) and then took off three years. I returned, at age 22 last fall. Now I am 23 with another year and a half to go. I go to a very expensive private school, and I am not getting any assistance from my parents. Right now I have loans like crazy, a scholarship, a work-study job on campus, and some part-time work on the side. I also live in NYC, and if it weren't for my unbeliably generous best friend, I'd be living on the streets. I don't qualify for any school financial aid b/c apparantly the government has decided my parents should still be paying all my bills...

So, all that to say... does anyone know about any other kind of government aid? Stuff that doesn't have to be paid off? Basically I am going to have to drop out next semester if I can't get aid, so hopefully somebody has some advice, or knows where to point me... Thanks.

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knowledge is power...pt 1 [03 Nov 2004|07:38pm]


like i said, i made sure to rethink all that ive learned over a period of time and research even further on different subjects to make my decision and my decision mainly layed on teh subject of the war. everyone is entitled to their opinion ALONG with their vote...but all i ask is dont be ignorant and brush it off...take the time to read and step outside your box and look at another view, or strengthen the one you already had. ive decided to pass on what ive read and learned about our current affairs in depth, ive been privelaged to have wonderful teachers and family even co workers that express their views and side to the max- whether i agree with them or not! it takes a strong person to not only believe in what they feel is right but to also learn and see what they are leaving behind by taking one side. you shouldnt just vote one way to go against another but rahter to empower what you feel is better for not only yourself but your country. ive gathered many readings and articles from all over...and little by little i shall post them, i would liek to here what people think about anything that is going on. honestly its our generation that is next in charge of this country...are generation that is left to build up whatever mess is left behind. i dunno why but ive never been so into politics or so serious about voting, but it wasnt until this year that it had the right to speak my mind, no matter how far i thought it would go. im not happy with the outcome of the election but i am happy that i got to educate myself and make my own decision and i was able to walk away without any regrets knowing that no matter what, i voted for what i believed in. and no one can take that away from you....

so please take teh time to read anything i post from no one involving our country and its current affairs. post comments and thoughts...no matter what side you take. im curious and eager to hear...

ok sorry so long..that is all...

ok this one article that i read really got me to start thinkin even harder about this war that we are fighting that was already declared to be "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" yet more and more soldiers are leaving and more and more are dying...


Why Bush will restart the draft if re-electedCollapse )

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Hey everyone! [03 Oct 2004|03:16am]

My Info

My Pics

Wow, I'm glad I found this community...I thought I was the only one returning to school after a gap. My situation is this:

Graduated high school in 2001
took a year off before college (2001-2002)
Went to college 2002-2003
Had to take another year off unexpectedly (due to a medical issue...2003-2004)
Back at school 2004-2005

So even though I'm a sophomore more, I feel like a freshman again because I had to do everything all over. It sucks. And I have to explain my situation to everyone cuz they're all like "you're a sophomore? I thought you were a freshman - didn't see you here last year". Yeah.
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Hello [03 Sep 2004|04:16pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Is anybody in here? I'm a returning student and I've been in and out for two or three years and now I want to switch schools to finish faster. So, are there any full time workers and full time students here?
I hope this place is not completely dead.

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x-posted [11 Aug 2004|01:41am]


I'm Amy, 22 yr old living in Sin City, NV. Because I am slacker-indecisive-extraordinare, I have yet to complete a full year of college. I have been enrolled at, and attended, two different schools but withdrew from both. This was partially due to work, but also had much to do with my indecision regarding majors. Instead of spending (wasting?) time and money on a major I would get bored with (or despise), I elected to withdraw until... whatever. I was looking forward to starting back up this fall but life has played another dirty trick and simply won't let me do it just yet.

Anyhoot, I come to you all now asking for some guidance. I look to pursue a career in art (visual as well as writing) and see teaching as the wisest path to support that endeavor. I do enjoy teaching, as well, and I am good at it.

My questions are:
  • Which would make more sense (I enjoy visual arts just as much as writing):
    - A BFA, focus on Creative Writing
    - A dual BA (BFA?) in English: Creative Writing and Art
    - A BFA in Arts, minor in Creative Writing
    - Or some other combination
  • Which degree above would prove the most productive as a teacher? (any level of education, from K to college-level)
  • What would be a logical Master's to pursue after receiving said Bachelor's?
  • Students on their way to becoming teachers, what have you found most challenging/rewarding about your path there so far?
  • Any teachers of art out there, which grade/institution do you find the most rewarding/challenging?

    I would be interested in creating the foundation for a young artist just as much as I would cultivating the talent of a budding or already trained artist.

    I do appreciate any advice or insight any of you might give me; I am a bit lost here. :)
    Thank you.
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    [10 Aug 2004|03:03pm]

    I have been looking for grants and scholarships for many different reasons, but I have not been able to find any. I don't know why this thought didn't occur to me later, but I figure there must be some people on LiveJournal that know about grants and scholarships. Here are the different reasons -

    1) I am a 22 year old who wants to get a Masters of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Christian Education from an online Bible school (http://www.trinitysem.edu). I don't currently have the money for this. I am still looking for a job.

    2) My dad is an amputee and a victim of Charcot's Foot (a side effect from diabetes) and it is very difficult for my family to pay bills right now because of all the medical bills - everything that he had to have done in order to live was very expensive.

    3) I am also looking for a grant for my church. I go to a Lutheran church and we're doing okay financially, but we could use some help. We'd also like to bring a Contemporary Christian Band to the church in January and we do not have the money for that, but feel it would be great evangelism and outreach to the whole community.

    Can you recommend any sites where I/my dad/my church can apply for grants or scholarships?

    Bridget Delaney
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    Please Give Me some advice. [16 Feb 2004|04:02pm]
    I have recently made a life-changing decison. Read on, and if you are able to help me or give advice I would appreciate it. I am in a unique situation and I haven't been able to find out much information for people like me.

    I am 22 years old, and a recent college graduate. I recieved my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I graduated with highest honor (the equilavent of summa cum laude). Unfortunately, I do not want to be a mechanical engineer or anything related to mechanical engineering. I want to pursue a career in journalism.

    I want to pursue a career in journalism, but I really have no means of paying for school. Since I did so well at my previous institution and earned a very prestigious degree is it possible for me to go back to school on a scholarship? I was considering University of Georgia just because it is close to home and a pretty solid program.

    So, give me some advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Open canvas [14 Jun 2002|07:07pm]

    [ mood | artistic ]

    Me and choclitsauce had an opencanvas network going today.
    Now i need more ppl who do that kinda thing to draw with me.

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    Going back.. [12 Jun 2002|12:30am]

    After some seven years, im going back to school.
    Has anyone here gone through financial aid? Seeing as im a professional couch surfer, that is what i will go to.
    I have so many questions, i dont know what to ask first......
    Is it easy to get?, Did you have enough for rent? How much did you get? When you reaplied, did you get it? Did you ever get turned down?
    Thanks alot..
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    [16 Mar 2002|08:55am]

    [ mood | awake ]

    This semester has been sooo busy that this community has been a bit neglected by me. How is everyone else's semesters/quarters going?

    This semester I'm taking an honors Calculus class, Japanese 2, and an honors Political Science class....not too many classes but they have a lot of work attached to them.

    I decided last semester to get more invovled in club activities which has been interesting. I'm on a committee for a club my friend started and the committee is very well split between returning college students and younger college students. This has lead to conflicts because half of us are interested in academics and the other half are interested in trips to Magic Mountain (no joke). But I keep telling myself it's a growth experience right?

    Now, what about the rest of you?

    (oh and welcome to anyone new)

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    CLEP tests?? [10 Jan 2002|03:45pm]

    [ mood | curious ]

    have any of you ever taken a CLEP test to get credit for a course without actually taking it? What is he best way to study? Are the study books worth it?

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    Wednesday...geez. [09 Jan 2002|03:06pm]

    [ mood | bored ]

    What with my math class being canceled and all, I find myself with an extra hour on my hands. It probably would be of greater benefit to work on the assigned homework, but I just don't feel like it. I feel like playing hooky from the other classes as well.

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