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I'm Amy, 22 yr old living in Sin City, NV. Because I am slacker-indecisive-extraordinare, I have yet to complete a full year of college. I have been enrolled at, and attended, two different schools but withdrew from both. This was partially due to work, but also had much to do with my indecision regarding majors. Instead of spending (wasting?) time and money on a major I would get bored with (or despise), I elected to withdraw until... whatever. I was looking forward to starting back up this fall but life has played another dirty trick and simply won't let me do it just yet.

Anyhoot, I come to you all now asking for some guidance. I look to pursue a career in art (visual as well as writing) and see teaching as the wisest path to support that endeavor. I do enjoy teaching, as well, and I am good at it.

My questions are:
  • Which would make more sense (I enjoy visual arts just as much as writing):
    - A BFA, focus on Creative Writing
    - A dual BA (BFA?) in English: Creative Writing and Art
    - A BFA in Arts, minor in Creative Writing
    - Or some other combination
  • Which degree above would prove the most productive as a teacher? (any level of education, from K to college-level)
  • What would be a logical Master's to pursue after receiving said Bachelor's?
  • Students on their way to becoming teachers, what have you found most challenging/rewarding about your path there so far?
  • Any teachers of art out there, which grade/institution do you find the most rewarding/challenging?

    I would be interested in creating the foundation for a young artist just as much as I would cultivating the talent of a budding or already trained artist.

    I do appreciate any advice or insight any of you might give me; I am a bit lost here. :)
    Thank you.
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