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knowledge is 1

like i said, i made sure to rethink all that ive learned over a period of time and research even further on different subjects to make my decision and my decision mainly layed on teh subject of the war. everyone is entitled to their opinion ALONG with their vote...but all i ask is dont be ignorant and brush it off...take the time to read and step outside your box and look at another view, or strengthen the one you already had. ive decided to pass on what ive read and learned about our current affairs in depth, ive been privelaged to have wonderful teachers and family even co workers that express their views and side to the max- whether i agree with them or not! it takes a strong person to not only believe in what they feel is right but to also learn and see what they are leaving behind by taking one side. you shouldnt just vote one way to go against another but rahter to empower what you feel is better for not only yourself but your country. ive gathered many readings and articles from all over...and little by little i shall post them, i would liek to here what people think about anything that is going on. honestly its our generation that is next in charge of this country...are generation that is left to build up whatever mess is left behind. i dunno why but ive never been so into politics or so serious about voting, but it wasnt until this year that it had the right to speak my mind, no matter how far i thought it would go. im not happy with the outcome of the election but i am happy that i got to educate myself and make my own decision and i was able to walk away without any regrets knowing that no matter what, i voted for what i believed in. and no one can take that away from you....

so please take teh time to read anything i post from no one involving our country and its current affairs. post comments and matter what side you take. im curious and eager to hear...

ok sorry so long..that is all...

ok this one article that i read really got me to start thinkin even harder about this war that we are fighting that was already declared to be "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" yet more and more soldiers are leaving and more and more are dying...



President George W. Bush may or may not have a secret plan to reinstate the draft. But this is besides the point. The deteriorating facts on the ground in Iraq, plus the Bush doctrine of acting pre-emptively and unilaterally against hostile regimes, will soon leave him no choice. If Bush is re-elected, he will have to restart the draft.

Indeed, Bush has already imposed stage one of a new draft. Many soldiers whose enlistment period is up are not being allowed to leave the service, and those who left the service years ago are being forced to put on the uniform again against their wills. It is clear that we already have a back-door draft. Bush has effectively ended the all-volunteer military.

And stage two of a reinstated draft would be easy to implement. Draft boards are already in place in every county in the United States, and young men who turn 18 are already required to register with their local draft board. A major terrorist attack could easily serve as the pretext for flipping the switch and setting this apparatus in motion.

It is obvious that our armed forces are stretched dangerously thin. We do not have enough people in uniform to meet current needs in Iraq and Afghanistan, much less to deal with a confrontation with Iran or North Korea.

Right now, total active Army and Marine personnel number approximately 655,000, and that includes support units, training units, headquarters personnel and others who do not see combat. In a long, drawn-out war such as Vietnam or Iraq, units sent to the front lines have to be rotated out periodically and replaced by an equal number of forces.

Currently, we have 135,000 troops in Iraq, 20,000 in Afghanistan, approximately 100,000 in Asia and more than 100,000 in Europe. Our armed forces have been strained to the breaking point. To fill the gaps and shortages, tens of thousands of National Guard and reservists have been called up, some for several years at a time.

But there is a cost to all of this. Morale is suffering, as evidenced by the recent refusal of an Army Reserve platoon to carry out an order. Enlistments and re-enlistments are down. What if all-out civil war breaks out in Iraq and we have to increase our troop strength to 200,000 or 300,000 to quell it? What if a newly re-elected Bush decides to act pre-emptively against Iran, Syria or North Korea? Morale, enlistments and re-enlistments are falling, at the same time that military manpower needs are rising dramatically.

So where would a re-elected Bush get the manpower to pacify Iraq while pursuing the next phases of his doctrine of pre-emptive, unilateral war? There is only one viable option: a reinstated draft.

It is probably too much to expect Bush to acknowledge this before Election Day. But we would do well to remember when President Lyndon B. Johnson was running for election in 1964.

Voters were afraid he had a secret plan to escalate the war in Vietnam. He denied it, repeatedly promising, “I will not send American boys halfway around the world to do a job that Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.”

Johnson was re-elected. And sure enough, millions of U.S. boys were drafted and sent halfway around the world to Vietnam. More than 17,000 of those draftees got killed in combat.

So Americans, today we have good reasons to fear the return of the draft. Bush might have avoided the draft when he was a young man. But if re-elected, he will not be able to avoid the draft as president.  ~~~ By Senator Tom Harikin 

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